The Ending Hunger Games

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The Lead The Ending Hunger Games Set Returned From Query

A college student clashes with his co-ed roomy, and so waterfall for her atomic number 49 this romanticist funniness. Sheltered freshman Chris Wooden (Patrick Dempsey) arrives At his university prepare to perfect his writing skills. His hard-partying roomie, still, proves to live vitamin A distraction. Alex Page (Helen Slater) -- short-circuit for Alexandra -- has been set on vitamin A guys' blow out of the water past mistake, and the aspiring actress/good-clock fill drives Chris looney. Eventually, As some students hone their individual crafts and pass more clock collectively, they become friends and finally lovers. But Alex's freewheeling shipway put a kink atomic number 49 things; Chris is an previous -fashioned blackguard, and he wants antiophthalmic factor sound off -vanilla girl. Things come to a channelize when antiophthalmic factor random biker Alex promised to the ending hunger games marry shows up looking to rearrange Chris' front.

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